Free eBook: North Shore Impressions: Favorite Photos of 2012

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Over the last week, I’ve been looking back at the photos I took in 2012 trying to identify my best images of the year and my favorite images of the year. I also compared this year’s photos to last year to see how my style has changed (and it has changed!). My pictures in 2012 maintain a more consistent style then my 2011 favorite pictures — I was all over the place in 2011, which was pretty fun. I can also see some significant growth in my skills as I look at the images from the beginning of the year to the end (not to mention a better camera and the higher quality coming out of it). The primary difference between 2011 and 2012 is that I shot more in 2012. If I picked one thing I did in 2012 that improved my photography, it would be shooting almost daily. The old saying “Practice. Practice. Practice.” holds true.

Instead of posting the images in an online gallery or newsletter, I decided to collect the images and put them into a short eBook. I’m giving away the eBook to you. It includes one image from each month of 2012, and each of the selections is my favorite photo from that month. I really like how it turned out. At the back of the book, I include brief, and I mean brief, notes about each photo. I also included the settings for each photo even though I believe that settings without the understanding of the concepts mean nothing (and settings only tell you what worked for the lighting I had when I took the photo). The settings do tell me something interesting though. In 2012, my favorite shots came from approximately two focal lengths, about 24mm and 105mm. That means I could have made the images I did with just two primes.

This eBook is in a PDF format, so you’ll need the free Adobe Reader to view it. You can download Adobe Reader here. I hope you enjoy this eBook as much as I enjoyed making it. And I hope you have a great photographic year.

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  • Susan Frame

    Thank you for the e-book Bryan! It’s lovely, and I really enjoy your North Shore photography.

  • Laura Elizabeth Fay

    Spectacular photos – it makes me long to be on the North Shore…….

  • Shari Armon

    I can’t believe you shared this for free! Thanks so much!! If I can ever decide, I’ll be buying a print!
    Happy New Year! You’re awesome!

  • Beth Moulder

    Hi Brian,
    Love your photography! Where can I purchase your book of 2012 favorite photos? Amazon maybe? Bless your heart for what you do, to call attention to all the beauty of the North Shore of Lake Superior. Beth Moulder

    • Bryan

      This is an eBook only, so it’s not available as a physical product. Yet. I’m looking into some POD stuff, but won’t know until I’m able to see a copy of what they produce.

  • Jeanne Hamlin

    Thanks so much for sharing your favorites with us Bryan! As someone who is trying to learn how to use my fairly new DSLR camera, I appreciated your sharing your camera settings for each photo. Depth of Field options was one of the reasons I bought my new Canon. Loved how you set up the green lilies with the white blurred in the background. And, of course, your many gorgeous shots of Lake Sup. … makes me want to shoot photos outdoors in the MN winter! Hope to be able to take one of your workshops in the near future. Best wishes for a great 2013.


  • Cynthia Laine

    These are great! Thank you so much. I am really enjoying your photography.

  • Shirley Page

    I bet you have guessed by now that I have enjoyed your photography immensely. I hope I haven’t missed any of your posts. I doubt that I have as I am looking for your contribution from the time I get online. This is most generous of you to put this free book out for memories of your trips out to get these wonderful sunrises and other scenes too.
    Thank you so much, and allow me to wish you a most Happy New Year!

  • Steve McCuskey

    Wonderful Bryan. Very professional and of course great photo’s. Happy New Year.

  • anita daly

    thanx very much for the e book bryan!!! thats awesome that you are giving it free!!!!! i absolutely LOVE your photography!!!!! thanx so much for sharing it with us!!!! :)

  • Dan Malkovich

    Thank you, Bryan, for sharing your eBook, and especially your comments about taking the photos. I’m looking forward to meeting you in February for the Winter Seminar.

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