I Got Three Calendars in One Year! 40% Off

I feel like a giant slayer, I made three calendars in one year! Hopefully, that wasn’t too obscure of a reference for you. They — the calendars and not the giants — are on sale [...]


Northern Nightscapes Calendar 2018

  2018’s Northern Nightscapes Calendar features images of the night sky, the Milky Way and northern lights from Cook County, Minnesota. Cook County is one of the darkest locations in [...]


Infrared Photography in Canoe Country

We all have to learn somewhere and somehow and this summer I’ve been learning how to shoot in infrared. I was gifted a Sony A7II camera with a super color conversion from LifePixels. This [...]


Filters for Outdoor Photography: Polarizers, ND Filters and ND Grads Revisited

Selecting filters for outdoor photography has always been complicated, especially for photographers just learning how to use filters. In recent years, more companies have gotten into the market [...]


Low Level Lighting for Nightscape and Milky Way Photography

Recently Arches and Canyonlands National Parks have considered banning night photography workshops — these aren’t parks that I run workshops in but nonetheless I have concerns. While [...]


Best Photos of 2016

Even six days after 2016 ended looking back seems so long ago. In 2017, it seems like we entered a new harsh reality and the good old days where the world had your back seem long gone. [...]


Northern Nightscapes Calendar 2017

A few of you were waiting for my Northern Nightscape Calendar for 2017. I almost didn’t do one, because the Northern Landscape Calendar is a much better seller. But, because I knew that a [...]


Badlands and Black Hills Recap

At the end of June, I taught a five-day photography workshop in the Badlands and Black Hills. Equal time was spent in the Badlands and Black Hills. We based out of Wall, South Dakota for the [...]

An Amazing Night of Night Photography

Every now and then, you get an amazing night. In Cook County, on any clear night when the moon isn’t out, you get an amazing starry sky. If the northern lights are out, it can be even more [...]


2016 Northern Landscapes Calendar

Creating calendars out of my own images always surprises me. Each year takes on a different feel. In 2012, the calendar felt abstract. In 2013, it felt ethereal. In 2014, it felt stark with [...]