Georgian Bay

 In Picture

I just got back from a kayaking trip to Georgian Bay. It was fantastic. Here are a few quick grabs.

Steve Hauptli

This is my friend Steve in my new Tahe Reval kayak.

Storm Bound

Self Portrait storm bound in Georgian Bay. We spent two nights and most of two days stuck here. The second day, the wind was sustained at 35 knots and the tarp just didn’t stay up so we were tent bound.

Split Rock

Everything is rock in Georgian Bay. It’s one of the best places I’ve paddled. Am I living on the wrong Great Lake?

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  • Ilena

    Looks great! Is it all sandstone?

  • JoelT

    Looks like paradise to me…Sounds like an awesome place. Hopefully you’ll post some more shots. Are you living on the wrong great lake? I don’t know. How much of Superior have you seen and experienced? Although I’ve only seen bits and portions of the lake (that will change in time if things go according to plan), Superior has an amazingly diverse offering for those willing to truly explore it. Personally, I’d count my blessings if I was able to live where you do. You have some great opportunities right out your doorstep, let along those available to you on the lake at large.

  • Bryan

    The rock is all granite.

    Ya, Joel, I love the northshore of Superior. It’d be hard to move away. The paddling is great. We do lack islands though. Georgian Bay is absolutely magical though.

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