Georgian Bay Two

 In Picture

Kayak on the Bay

This is the first island that Steve and I landed on. It had a nice protected interior from the waves. We hiked around the little rock and found lots of sign of nature’s struggle, including bones, crayfish remains, etc… On this island I found two bull snakes.


Inukshuk on the Bustard Islands.
Georgian Bay Rocks

This is from the last day of the trip in the Champlain Islands.

Natural Garden

This looked to me like someone had built a little rock garden in there backyard. A bit different than the pictures I usually make.

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  • eric

    I think that an illustration of the Inukshuk on this page would make a great Nessmuking logo.

  • Bryan

    I’d love to have that, but it’s used by a kayak company already.

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