Best Photos of 2016 Runner-ups

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Back in January, I selected my favorite photos of the year. Each month I picked one favorite shot and then I published them in my Best Photo of 2016 post. There were 62 runner-ups that I didn’t post and a few of you asked me if I would post some of those runner-ups. It’s hard to say why these didn’t become my favorites, because I love each and every shot that I’m posting here. There was just a connection to one of the other shots. Some unquantifiable reason swayed my fancy towards those photos that became my favorites. Without further ado, here are some more shots from my runner-ups.

The easiest way to view these for those of you that get this newsletter via email is to go to my website and then click on one of the thumbnail sized images. That will allow you to see a bigger version and then you can use the arrows to click through all the image.

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    fantastic photos

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