Badlands Trip Report

My Early Winter in the Badlands Photo Workshop is the last workshop of the year. I always look forward to it, because I love being in the Badlands and that time of year is quiet in the park. Next [...]


Northern Nightscapes Calendar 2018

  2018’s Northern Nightscapes Calendar features images of the night sky, the Milky Way and northern lights from Cook County, Minnesota. Cook County is one of the darkest locations in [...]


Northern Landscapes Calendar 2018

I’m excited to release my Northern Landscapes Calendar for 2018. The images (see below) range from the Grand Marais lighthouse in sea smoke and getting hammered by a rare March gales to a [...]


Find a Project and Find Inspiration

Find a photography project and find inspiration should be all I need to write. But, somehow I need to convince you that when you are feeling a little burned out on photography or just lost your [...]


Breaking the Twig

Over the weekend while teaching a waterfall photography class, we hiked up the Cascade River State Park waterfall trail and came to the first waterfall. In previous years, the waterfall was [...]


Best Photos of 2016 Runner-ups

Back in January, I selected my favorite photos of the year. Each month I picked one favorite shot and then I published them in my Best Photo of 2016 post. There were 62 runner-ups that I [...]


Photo Workshops! Photo Workshops! Photo Workshops!

One of the many parts of running a successful photography business is learning how to market or hiring someone who knows how. The next part is actually doing the marketing. I’ve done a [...]


Review Sensei Pro Filter Holder System

Filters are important for the type of landscape and seascape photography that I do. For sunrise and sunsets, I almost always use a Singh-Ray ND grad and often use a Singh-Ray Mor-Slo ND filter [...]


Northern Landscapes Calendar 2017

My Northern Landscapes 2017 Calendar is now available for purchase. This year was a difficult one for me. I’ve been traveling so much that I haven’t shot much in northern Minnesota. [...]


Hello from Grand Teton National Park: the Old Patriarch Tree

Just a quick note from Grand Teton National Park. The other day, I hiked (bushwhacked) into the Old Patriarch Tree. The Old Patriarch Tree is a limber pine and an iconic tree that stands alone in [...]