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The release of my 2017 workshop schedule is a bit behind schedule. I usually try to announce the workshops in April, but having a one-year-old has certainly thrown wrenches into my gear works. Without further ado, here’s the 2017 schedule of workshops:


Noah "Bud" Ogle cabin in the fall

Fall in the Smokies is gaining a day.

There are a few quirks with this list.

  1. I’m going to run either the Spring in Theodore Roosevelt National Park Photography Workshop or the Badlands and Black Hills Photography Workshop, but not both. If you have a preference, please, let me know. Regardless of which one I run it will happen the week before Memorial Day Weekend. In 2018, that workshop will be replaced with the Go Western Nebraska Photo Workshop that I’ve been working on scouting for the past couple of years. Then they will alternate every three years.
  2. The June 22 to 25th is tentatively set for the North Shore of Lake Superior, but I may change the location at the end of June. I may move it out of Minnesota. I won’t open registration on that one until I know for sure.

New Photo Workshops

misty morning sunrise in Iowa

Misty morning sunrise over the Mississippi River in northeastern Iowa.

There are a few format changes and new workshops. The format changes include adding a day to the Fall in the Great Smoky Mountains Photography Workshop and changing the Night Skies of the Gunflint Trail into a five day workshop vs. a three day workshop.

New workshops include Spring in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Along the Mississippi in Northeastern Iowa Photography Workshop. Both offer great photographic opportunities. I know that everyone who has gone to the Smokies in the spring is blown away by the wildflowers (there’s nothing like it in Minnesota or the Midwest) and the streams are unreal. I’m looking forward to offering another workshop at my old stomping grounds in Iowa. Northeastern Iowa is in the driftless zone, where the glaciers didn’t make everything flat. It’s bluff country over the Mississippi River.

We (John Gregor and I — also described by a participant as the comedy team of photography workshops) are working on one more workshop that isn’t on the list yet, but it’ll be in the Chicago area.

rapids and dogwood

Picture of spring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Registration Changes

I’m also changing the registration. In past years, I opened up registration in November, but this year I’m opening up registration for all the 2017 workshops in the first two weeks of June. I don’t have an exact date. Each will open as I’m able to find the time to update the website. I’m shooting for the 3rd for the majority of the workshops, but will be finished by the 10th for every workshop (with the exception being the aforementioned Milky Way workshop and the Achieve Your Vision workshop — those will open later).

In past years, several workshops also had a commitment fee paid at registration, a deposit due in January and the final payment due 60 days before the workshop. That was too complicated. This year, it’s one deposit and one final payment. Deposits are paid this year at registration and final payments are due in 60 days before the workshop (except for the Winter Workshops which are due in January).

Pictures from Workshop Locations

And a few pretty pictures from some of the workshop locations. Click the thumb to see it larger.

I hope to see you on a workshop in 2017. In the meantime, check out the spaces that I have remaining on my 2016 workshops.

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The Milky Way over Lake SUperior and the tombolosunrise from Pike's Peak