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I’d like to announce a new class. I’m partnering with the Grand Marais Art Colony and the Grand Marais Art Festival to teach a one-day class on shooting the full moon. We’ll start in the classroom and I’ll teach you about the techniques required to capture a good full moon shot behind the Grand Marais lighthouse and also how to predict where the full moon will rise and where to stand to align the moon up with whatever you want it to rise behind. In this case, we’ll align it up behind the Grand Marais lighthouse.

Because this is through the Grand Marais Art Colony, you will need to register with them. Here’s all the info:

Saturday, July 12; 6pm – 10pm 

Class Size:12
Call to register: 218-387-2737
Email me at or email the Art Colony at

Capture the magic of the full moon rising over Grand Marais’ lighthouse on a summer day. Bryan will discuss the photography techniques required to successfully photograph a full moon as well as how to predict where the moon will rise and set. Students will then head down to the harbor to photograph the full moon rise. Bryan will be available to give guidance and answer any questions.

This class will be cancelled on Monday, July 7, 2014, if minimum enrollment is not met. Please register before this date.
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List of Supplies 

Here are a few shots of the moon rising behind the Grand Marais lighthouse that I’ve taken over the years. Click the image to see it larger.

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Grand Marais' lighthouse stands strong under the Milky Way while watching for ships on Lake Superior.kayak photography workshop