Little Cedar Spirit Tree (Manido Gizhigance or The Witch Tree)

 In Lake Superior, North Shore, Paddling, Picture

The Witch Tree - Manido Giizhigance - Little Cedar Spirit Tree

I did a 13 mile kayak circumnavigation of Susie Island on Monday. On the way, I stopped for a second to pay my respects to the Little Cedar Spirit Tree (Opens in a New Window). Traditionally, a pinch of tobacco is left at the tree, but, since, the tobacco industry took two of my grandparents from me, I don’t support that industry. I gave a silent prayer and gave thanks for an easy 2.25 mile crossing to Susie Island from the Little Cedar Spirit Tree. Then I left to complete my paddle around the island. It was a calm and magically experience.

Lake Superior and reflected kayak paddle

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  • Travis Novitsky

    Huh…. interesting shot. You must have taken that with a really wide lens… fisheye? Love the perspective from the seat of the kayak.

    Manido Gizhigans = Spirit Little Cedar Tree

    Thanks for not calling it the “Witches” Tree, as seems to be all too common these days.


  • Bryan

    Thanks, Travis. It was a full-frame fisheye. Someone needs to update Wikipedia to reflect the correct translation and spelling.

    I’m really enjoying your recent work. And the pictures from the Susies are fantastic.

  • Ilena

    I love the colors and the reflection in the picture with the paddle.

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