At the Falls

 In Lake Superior, North Shore, Picture

Photo Workshop

This is the ice falls on the Onion River. The people are almost all the folks that participated in the Winter Photography Workshop. Thanks, everyone for coming up for the weekend and braving the cold winter.

For those that weren’t here for the weekend, understand that we had below zero temps the whole weekend and at points -20 F temps. With temperatures that low and with wind, it’s important to go to locations that are out of the wind! The Onion River stays pretty wind free and makes a nice place to hike and photograph in the winter. Even out of the wind, the cold temp. take a toll on people and camera gear. Our batteries in the digital cameras took a beating all weekend long. And it was tough to set up a tripod to take a picture. Moving along and using your camera was much less cold and easier.

Just a few of the challenges to overcome in winter photography. And, boy, did we have a weekend to pratice all the techniques to stay warm and keep gear working.

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