Agawa Bay

 In Lake Superior, Picture

Due east and 265 miles from Grand Marais, MN and you’ll hit Agawa Bay and the Agawa rock. The rock is considered sacred and painted with many pictographs. On Monday and Tuesday, I had the chance to visit Lake Superior Provincial Park, of which, the bay is part of. It’s a very nice park and well worth the trip.

Agawa Bay Pictographs

Here’s a picture of Ilena studying the pictographs at Agawa Rock. On the wall, you see Misshepezhieu (the Great Lynx), a large canoe, and two serpents. The paintings are believed to be between 150 and 400 years old.

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  • JoelT

    Very cool.

    LSPP is on my short list of places to get to…I still need to get up to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park as well. I assume you need a passport to get into Canada at this point. How much of the park did you get a chance to explore? It’s a pretty big area from what I recall.

  • Bryan

    No Passport needed, yet. They changed some of the rules, so I’m not sure when that regulation is going to kick in.

    We stayed in Agawa Bay and explored that area. We also stopped at Old Woman Bay. It’s a huge park, and you’d need a month to explore it completely.

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