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The Adobe Lightroom Night Sky Presets can make your night sky images look awesome in 30 seconds or less. You control the final look.

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The Adobe Lightroom Night Sky Presets can make your night sky images look awesome in 30 seconds or less.

The Adobe Lightroom Night Sky Presets make adjusting your night sky images simple. Even though the presets make the adjustments simple, you maintain control of what the image will look like and you’ll feel proud of the results. When designed correctly, Lightroom presets make it easy to adjust and fine-tune an image while keeping the creative control in the photographer’s hand – this isn’t a one-click and you’re done preset. Even though it requires multiple clicks, I’ve sped up my night sky image processing tenfold while maintaining the flexibility of manually adjusting the develop panel sliders. With these presets, I can get the image looking awesome in about 30 seconds.

A typical workflow – the order that you work and how your work progresses – in Lightroom starts at the top of the develop panel and works to the bottom with adjustment brushes used as needed along the way. Because night images have similar RAW files, many of the adjustments to all the images are the same. To speed up the process of developing RAW files, I designed this set of Lightroom presets to do the same things you’d normally do in the develop module.

My Lightroom Night Sky presets act like how most people would use the Lightroom develop panel if the develop panel were confined to a number of steps. You’ll use the nine preset steps in order (ten steps if you count the one-click fix and panel reset). Each adjustment builds upon the prior steps during the process and produces an image that pops when compared to the RAW image. While you might make some adjustments to further fine-tune your image to your taste, these nine steps can be used on any night sky images to quickly arrive at a well-developed photograph that’s ready for sharing.

All the above images were processed using my Lightroom Night Sky Presets


  • White balance correction
  • Exposure control via pushing and pulling
  • Tone curves for the Milky Way
  • Multiple styles of highlight and white adjustments
  • Several styles of contrast and pop control
  • Reducing light pollution
  • Lens correction
  • Sharpening
  • Noise reduction
  • Milky Way paint brush


The manual is included in the download.

Terms of Use and License

Permission for use is granted for individuals using these presets for personal or professional use and this license extends to a single, individual only. It may not be extended to corporations, companies or partnerships without written permission from the copyright holder. You may not resell these presets. You may not give the presets away unless bought as a present and used only by the person you give the gift to. You may not share or loan the presets. You may not redistribute these presets in any way. Failure to follow these Terms of Use and License is considered a violation of copyright.

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