In the Zone


This was one of the unusual and unique shots that I took on the 4th. To me, this sort of looks like a war zone. That feels about right for the 4th of July, because we’re celebrating our hard fought and won independence from the Britain. An estimated 200,000 Americans fought in the war and an estimated 25,000+ died while in active military service during the Revolutionary War.

During the Revolutionary War in the territory that is now Minnesota, a small British expedition consisting of two officers and five soldiers came to Grand Portage at the request of the North West Company. The company requested that soldiers be sent to protect its profits from any “rebel” trader actions. Within days of their arrival, the British soldiers decorated the Ojibwa chief with a King George III medal for their help and there was a celebration with dancing. During the two months the British were in Grand Portage, they half completed a new fort and barracks and also worked on a road. The traders wanted them to return in 1779, but by then the Continental Army had moved into the Mississippi River valley and the British wanted to make sure they secured their forts on the Great Lakes, so the soldiers never returned to Grand Portage.

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