Winter Sunburst Selfie


Standing on fast ice next to Lake Superior. Minnesota

For this photo, I went to the Lake Walk Section of the Superior Hiking Trail to photograph the sunrise. I got a good sunrise shot and because it was sunny, I decided to walk the beach and soak in the sun when I found this crevasse.

To get the shot, I jumped into the crack, set up my camera and then used a 20-second timer to allow me enough time to scramble over the top, jump a deep crack, downclimb an ice cliff and run out to the point. Yep, this is a selfie.

I couldn’t believe how high the ice accumulation was, because we haven’t had that much pack ice up this way this year. This type of ice is called stamukha (plural is stamukhi). It’s made up of sea ice rubble that becomes grounded near the shore. It usually is grounded between the fast ice, which is ice that’s fixed to the shore and the pack ice, which is the ice that floats around the lake. This was grounded tight against the shore. The biggest buildup of stamukha that I’ve ever seen was in Duluth and the ice mountains were at least 50 feet high.



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