Wavy Sunrise on Artist’s Point


This morning northeast 14 mph, gusting to 22 mph winds kicked up the waves on Lake Superior. As each wave crashed into the breakwater basalt of Artist’s Point spray coated my camera and clothing. A group of kids watched the sunrise just to my right. At one point, several stepped out onto rock glazed in ice. They clinged to each other as they slide towards the big lake. Luckily, their footing held and no one went into the drink.

Shooting data: D810, 16-35 f/4 VR @ 19mm, ISO 64, f/14, 1 second, 3-stop reverse ND grad
Shooting notes: It was all about getting 1 second long exposures to blur the water enough without losing definition in the water. The ISO and aperture settings were changed so I could get the right exposure at a 1-second shutter speed.

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