Sunrise over Lake Superior at The Tombolo


This morning I went to The Tombolo to shoot the sunrise over Lake Superior. This is one of my favorite places to shoot. I had planned to shoot the night sky at this location by getting there at 5am. But it was cloudy and there weren’t any stars out. I almost went back to bed, but decided to start a fire and see what would happen. The clouds cleared almost completely by 7am. There were only low clouds on the horizon, so I figured my picture was a bust. Then just before sunrise, the cirrus clouds drifted in. I was so glad that the clouds showed up, because they made the shot!

I love looking at clouds and it was fun watching these blow in. They were rippled with gravity waves. The entire sky looked like a rippled potato chip. If you look close enough in this shot, you can see the waves in the sky.

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