Sunrise in an Ice Cave


This morning I went to one of the caves on the north shore to photograph the sunrise. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to shoot in the cave, so I was checking out the ice formations to see if I could find something interesting. I decided to head back to the cave and photograph there. Usually in winter, you worry about slipping on the ice and falling. This morning, I tripped on a rock covered by a smooth layer of snow. I tripped forward, knew I was going down, shifted to land on my side while trying to keep my camera from hitting the ground. It didn’t work. My $190 Singh-Ray 2-stop ND grad shattered when it hit the basalt. My filter holder ripped part of the filter threads out of my Nikon 16-35 lens (feel free to look that price up). Luckily the camera didn’t take an impact. The moral of the story: don’t trip, ’cause falling with a camera in your hands is expensive!

I got this shot though. I’m happy I just put aside the disappointment and went back to work.



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