Star Trails on Bally Creek


Thirty-one minutes passed during the creation of this photo. While the camera was doing its thing, I watched the the Milky Way burn across the sky, the stars glow, shooting stars and for a brief moment the northern lights appeared. A beaver was swimming around in the pond at one point in the picture and slapped its tail at me. It then cut down a tree that dropped across the road just a 40 yards in front of me.

At the center of the star trails is the north star. In the past, the north star was used for navigation, but with compasses and modern battery powered devices, we’ve lost our connection to the north star. It no longer provides us with a much needed beacon of direction.Now, the north star feels metaphorical to me. It’s seems like a guiding principle, something to lead your way when metaphorically lost. Over time, the north star will change as earth wobbles on its axis just like our personal guiding principles change over time.

I love the night sky, because I can watch it and just let my mind wander. It did last night while I looked at the north star.

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