Sea Smoke on a Winter Lake


Sea smoke floats above Lake Superior an a brutal cold winter morning. Cook County, Minnesota.

When I left my house this morning to shoot the sunrise over Lake Superior, it was -26°F. By the time I got down to Lake Superior, the temp had risen to -18°F, which proves the saying, “It’s warmer by the lake” true. As I was driving down the hill into Grand Marais, I noticed that the clouds were angling just perfectly for a point I know about to work right, so I changed my intended destination and raced towards this rocky point trying to get there in time. I hiked through knee-deep snow and got to this point about 10 minutes before the color started. The sunrise is actually out of picture to the right, but the clouds and color aligned exactly how I hoped they would.

This is sort of a lesson in scouting out places in advance, because if you know what conditions will work best at each location, you can get there to take advantage of them.

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