Reflections at the Tombolo


The stars and the island at the tombolo reflect in Lake Superior, Minnesota.

For this shot, I noticed that the shape of the rocks in the water followed a line similar to the Milky Way, so I composed to make that happen.

It’s fun being outside late at night, because you never know what kind of animals that you’ll see. I saw a beaver swim by — a beaver on Lake Superior! Towards the end of the night, I heard some beach gravel slide and looked down and saw a field mouse running along the driftwood. Then I saw a young, fluffy field mouse running towards me. It stopped on the top of a piece of driftwood and looked at me. Then the first, which must have been the mother, came over, took the younger one into its mouth, like a cat or dog would, and then carried it away from me. The younger mouse struggled to get out of its mother’s mouth and when it would, it would run back towards me. Eventually, the mother, seemly upset with this behavior, retrieved the young one and ran off down the beach with it in her mouth.

It was so fun to witness that and see the Milky Way. The night is so magical.

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