Northern Lights over West Bearskin


Northern lights glow orange, pink and green over West Bearskin Lake. Cook County, Minnesota.


We had finished eating dinner last night and were walking to my car under the last minutes of twilight when I looked into the sky and saw a slightly green glow. At first, we thought it might be clouds reflecting the lights of the restaurant, but I pulled out my camera and took a quick test shot. It was green with a touch of red. Luckily, Trail Center is near West Bearskin Lake, so we raced there and went to the waterfront.

The sky was glowing with a bright green band of northern lights and we could see a reddish glow as well. I didn’t notice the orange until I got home. Orange!!! The green band was dancing across the sky very quickly. The display quickly faded to just an indistinct green glow on the horizon after a while, but we tried a few other places. I found one of those weird red bands that I’ve been seeing lately (and posted a few days ago) and photographed it. This picture is from the peak of the early activity over West Bearskin.



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