Late Winter Sunrise in the East Bay


The East Bay in Grand Marais was once a place with docks and fishing boats, but all that remains of those days are a few dock pilings and piles of rocks used to anchor the docks. It has been cold the last few days and calm. Finally, the big lake is starting to form ice. If we stay calm and cold, we could see ice sheets and pack ice this year. If it warms up, we probably won’t see any ice. This morning, the East Bay was covered in frazil and grease ice that was starting to consolidate. The slight up and down of small waves and the calling of seagulls made for a peaceful morning. After I got my shot composed, I kicked back on the beach and just watched the sky turn first pink and then orange. It was enough just to be there.

Shooting data: 20mm, ISO 100, f/16, 1/4 second, 3-stop reverse ND grad



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