Fogbow and the Waning Moon


The best thing about waking up early and getting down to the Grand Marais harbor and Lake Superior in the early morning is the fog. Sometimes if the conditions are just right, like it was here, a fogbow forms.

A fogbow is similar to a rainbow, and forms when the sun is low on the horizon. At sea (or at Great Lake), fog is formed as warm, moist air hits cold water. Because the fog is thicker nearer the cold water, fogbows are often brighter at the points where they are closest to the sea.

In this picture, I also captured the waning moon hovering in the western sky only an hour or so before it set. I didn’t have my main landscape camera with me, so I shot this with a Nikon AW1, which is a waterproof, interchangeable lens camera system. It did a good job.



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