Elbow Lake Sunset


A calm sunset on Elbow Lake in northern Minnesota.

I went to Elbow Lake for sunset, waded along the shore until I got to this rock which I’ve wanted to photograph all summer, and it didn’t look like I was going to get any color when the sky finally went pink and purple for just a few minutes about five minutes after the sunset. I had guided a kayaking trip on the lake during the afternoon and it was windy and had wavelets, so I was surprised when I got there for sunset to find it completely calm. I know scientifically what makes waves go calm, i.e. surface tension and friction, but it still feels amazing to me. I love being amazed by nature — come to think of it the idea of surface tension and friction is also amazing. It’s so fun to be in the outdoors while taking pictures, and it’s so fun to let the world around you be amazing. That’s a choice we all make. You can either let the world amaze you or you can choose to let it feel mundane. I think the former choice is the best way to live.

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