December Sunset


A long exposure smooths out the sea smoke, waves and clouds at sunset on Lake Superior near Grand Marais, Minnesota.

When I took this photo, it was brutal cold out. The actual temperature was dipping into the single digits below 0°F, so the air wasn’t too bad, but the wind, blowing at 20 knots, came out of the west southwest across the big lake. That was driving sea smoke, waves and humidity straight into the camera. For this picture, I had to wait and time the shot exactly right to get just a touch of yellow from the setting sun and the time it took for the sun to touch the horizon and then disappear seemed to last forever. I was shooting 30 second long exposures and I got several exposures before this one. By the time I finished, I was more than ready to get out of the wind, but I stayed out for another 20 minutes taking other pictures. A perfect December Sunset on Lake Superior.

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