Cascade River Ice Cave


An ice cave formed by frozen beach gravel that was eroded by the waves at Cascade River State Park, Minnesota. 140114-75

In winter, the Lake Superior shoreline at Cascade River State Park transforms from rugged basalt to rugged ice. This morning, I wandered the shoreline looking for something interesting to photograph, but had a hard time connecting with anything. I made a couple of nice landscape shots, but decided to call it quits and head back to the car. On the way back, I saw this ice cave.

In summer, this cave doesn’t exist. It was formed from beach rock concreted together with ice. Waves must have piled beach rock against a cliff. The beach rock froze and then smaller waves carved out the cave leaving a precarious roof of frozen rocks. I carefully wedged myself and tripod into the back of the cave fully aware that if the cave collapsed, I would be in trouble. Then I photographed the scene.



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