Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse – April 15, 2014


— Please, note that the space may change slightly between the moons —

Here’s one of my takes on last night’s lunar eclipse — this is a composite image with shots taken every 10 minutes as the moon went into eclipse. I watched the eclipse in downtown Grand Marais and for most of the time we had clear skies. Right after it went into the total phase, a cloud either drifted by or the moon went completely black, we weren’t sure. It was a cold night with a temp that dropped to 17°F and NOAA said the windchill was 7°F. I had a couple of down coats on and a 0° sleeping bag. I was taking shots every 5 minutes and in between shots, I huddled under the bag. My friend Neil Sherman, an awesome plein air painter made a sweet painting of the moon in the total phase. We had a great time. I can’t believe that I actually stayed up all night and shot both the moonrise and moonset yesterday, plus the total eclipse. What a fun night!

Since this moon is known as the Pink Moon, should we call this the Bloody Pink Moon Lunar Eclipse?

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