The 88th Morning on Artist’s Point


March 29th: the 88th day of 2017. The day that Viking leader Ragnar Lodbrok raided Paris. It’s the day that Edward of York defeated Queen Margaret and took the crown of England. King Gustav III of Sweden was assassinated on this day. On this day, King Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden abdicated after a coup. On this day, US Major General Philip Sheridan flanked Confederate forces lead by Robert E. Lee and thus began the end battles of the American Civil War. On this day in World War II, the Soviet army crushed the German’s 4th. On this day, the last United States combat soldiers left south Vietnam.

On this day, this sunrise happened. Despite the bad news, the awful historic and current events and despite whatever happens in the future the sun still rises and sets. Watching it happen can help take you out of history and history being made and hold you in the calm of the current moment. This week, please, take the time to watch the sunrise or sunset with your family.

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