2016 Northern Nightscapes Calendar

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Last year, I did two calendars. I offered my landscape calendar (buy my 2016 Northern Landscapes Calendar here), and due to popular request I offered a nightscape calendar. While not as popular as the landscape calendar, I thought it did well enough to offer it again in 2016. Just like last year’s calendar, this one includes significant night events, such as new moons, full moon and meteor showers. The images are all taken within Cook County, the darkest location in Minnesota. They range from northern lights to the Milky Way. This year, I enjoyed taking photos on partially cloudy nights, so I included clouds as well.

Like my previous calendars, this is printed on sturdy cardstock and is 11 inches wide by 17 inches long when open, which is the perfect size for the fridge or your office. The center is spiral bound, so that it lays flat against the fridge (I find folded calendars always tend to flip up off the fridge). The colors jump off the page. I added both U.S. and Canadian holidays. At the end of each year, I feel bad recycling mine, because the images look that good.


  • 11×17 inches
  • Sturdy cardstock
  • Spiral bound
  • 12 months
  • Images from the north shore of Lake Superior and nearby locations

Price: $21.99 (same as the last few years!)

Purchase your calendar at Lulu.com by clicking here.


These are the images in this year’s calendar. Click the thumbnail to see a big version.

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Paul Sundberg photographing Lake Superiorperson watching sunrise in the Tetons