2016 Northern Landscapes Calendar

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Creating calendars out of my own images always surprises me. Each year takes on a different feel. In 2012, the calendar felt abstract. In 2013, it felt ethereal. In 2014, it felt stark with in-your-face beauty. For 2015, the calendar felt happy. And 2016 feel unassuming. The pictures are fun, beautiful but most importantly they feel unassuming. It’s almost as if the images are saying to me this is what we are and we are what we are. There’s no hidden meaning, except maybe in the Spirit Elk image. 2016 also marks a slight change in style. In the past years, most of the images were wide to ultrawide shots, but this year the calendar is split between wide and telephoto. That gives it a nice flow. The images glide into each other and change enough because of the focal length to feel fresh.

I enjoy and dread the selection process for making a calendar. This year I started with 100 calendar-worthy images, and I had to narrow that down to 12. I had help. Once I reduced the numbers, I posted the proposed selects and asked for feedback. The selections on this year’s calendar represent not only my ideas of which images should have been in the calendar, but also what the people who follow my Facebook page thought. It’s a better calendar due to that feedback.

This calendar starts with the weather. First a wind storm blows spray onto Lake Superior’s shore. That’s followed by a snowstorm and then another wind storms with big waves and ice-coated shorelines. Things calm down in April just in time for May’s full moon setting. As the summer starts, we see the Milky Way, a hidden waterfall and a great sunset and a canoe. Fall starts with a great sunrise over the Pigeon River and it’s a celebration of two great countries (Canada and the U.S.). Then we get a late season canoe trip followed by the Gales of November. The calendar finishes in Duluth looking down on Bentleyville (the world’s largest lighted holiday display) as two freighters come in under the Duluth lift bridge (literally a once in a lifetime event). P.s. prints are available of that event as well.

Like my previous calendars, this is printed on sturdy cardstock and is 11 inches wide by 17 inches long when open, which is the perfect size for the fridge or your office. The center is spiral bound, so that it lays flat against the fridge (I find folded calendars always tend to flip up off the fridge). The colors jump off the page. I added both U.S. and Canadian holidays. At the end of each year, I feel bad recycling mine, because the images look that good.


  • 11×17 inches
  • Sturdy cardstock
  • Spiral bound
  • 12 months
  • Images from the north shore of Lake Superior and nearby locations

Price: $21.99 (same as the last few years!)

Purchase your calendar at Lulu.com by clicking here.


These are the images in this year’s calendar. Click the thumbnail to see a big version.

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Paul Sundberg photographing Lake SuperiorThe Milky Way over Lake SUperior and the tombolo