2014 Northern Landscapes Calendar

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The last year has been a good one for my photography. I’ve felt like I’ve really pushed myself to get outside and photograph more often, but I also feel like I’m making more images that way that I envisioned them. I think that’s reflected in this year’s calendar — although last year’s calendar was pretty good too. For this year’s calendar, I choose images that were close to Grand Marais, so it really makes this a Grand Marais calendar. It’s also a good representation of Cook County. The furthest image comes from about 30 miles away from Grand Marais at Temperance River State Park. There are five sunsets in this north shore calendar and three sunrises. I only included one night image this year, because I’m planning on doing a second calendar of night images only! That should be fun, because you’ll be able to buy one for home and a different one for work. The night photography calendar will be out in about two weeks, because I need to proof it before I’m ready to sell it.

The locations represented in this calendar are: a beach near Grand Marais, Butterwort Cliffs SNA, Artist’s Point, The Tombolo, Two Island Lake, Lake Gust, a flower, West Bearskin Lake, Grand Marais campground area, Temperance River and Oberg Mountain. Images from the calendar are below.

Like my previous calendars, this is printed on sturdy cardstock and is 11 inches wide by 17 inches long when open, which is the perfect size for the fridge or your office. The center is spiral bound, so that it lays flat against the fridge (I find folded calendars always tend to flip up off the fridge). The colors jump off the page. I added both U.S. and Canadian holidays. At the end of each year, I feel bad recycling mine, because the images look that good.

One of the best parts of the calendar this year is that I was able to reduce the price! Instead of $25, it’s now $21.99.


  • 11×17 inches
  • Sturdy cardstock
  • Spiral bound
  • 12 months
  • Images from the north shore of Lake Superior and nearby locations

Price: $21.99

Purchase your calendar at Lulu.com by clicking here.

Northern Images Calendar 2014 Images

These are the images in this year’s calendar. Click the thumbnail to see a big version.

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  • Marolyn Johnson

    Received notice this week that our order for this calendar is on its way. Can hardly wait as one is a gift to my sister, who also loves that area of our world. I know we will also want the night images calendar when it comes out. Thanks for sharing your amazing work with us! MjJ

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