Winter Photography Workshop on Lake Superior Recap

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This last weekend I taught a Winter Photography Workshop on Lake Superior. We spent time photographing the Lake Superior shoreline and hiking deep into frozen river canyons to get photos of some of the best destinations on the northshore. During the course, I worked with students on ND grad usage, how aperture works to control depth of field and how to control shutter speed to stop and blur action. We also spent time learning compositional techniques. The destinations included Cascade River State Park, the Cross River, Paradise Beach, the Devil Track River canyon and the Kadunce River canyon. The group was a fun group that made the workshop even more enjoyable — one of the most memorable workshops for me.

During my workshops, we spend a couple of hours looking at shots from the day. Although, I don’t usually take many photos during the workshops, because I’m helping the participants, I did manage to snap a few good shots that show off the areas. Here are my favorites.

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Pink sunset over Grand Marais, MN.Winter sunset over an icy Lake Superior.