Waterfall Workshop Recap

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Nine photographers joined me for a Spring Waterfall Photography Workshop this last weekend. In a busy schedule we photographed many of the major falls along the north shore of Lake Superior during a oddly cold and blizzard like spring storm. During the workshop, we experienced weather down to 19F and up to 40F. It snowed 6 inches. The wind blew northeast down Lake Superior, which drove 8 to 10 feet waves into the Minnesota shoreline.

After the first day of shooting, the group met for an image review. Everyone got impressive images! Although, I didn’t shoot as much as I would normally shoot when out on my own, because I was helping out the other photographers, I did manage to get a few pictures. The above picture is my favorite on the Caribou River.

In all, we photographed the High Falls of the Pigeon River, Flute Reed River, Fall River, Cascade River, Temperance River and Caribou River. The waterfalls ranged from the biggest (and wettest from the spray) in Minnesota to a few smaller ones. In three days, we put in about 25 hours of photography, image review and lessons. I’m still tired.

Thanks, Anne, Becky, Jeff, Jill, Keith, Mica, Micheal, Megan and Tom, for coming. Your images looked great!

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Long exposure with blurred water.Fall River waterfalls in Minnesota.