The Bones of Earth – Photos from Artist’s Point Grand Marais, MN

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Artist’s Point in Grand Marais, MN protects the harbor and the East Bay. The ancient basalt wears away slowly as Lake Superior’s wave rush over the points and collect in small pools. It makes one of my favorite photography destination near Grand Marais and Lutsen. It works for almost every time of the year. Last night, I went down just before sunset and stayed out shooting through the twilight. Personally, I enjoy shooting after the sun goes down, because it creates a subtle ethereal beauty typified by muted colors and even tones across the rocks. To capture the spirit of Artist’s Point, I use a couple different filters such as ND grads, ND filters, and polarizers. Together, they help the camera capture what my eyes see. These images represent seven of my favorite from last night.

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  • Mark

    Wow really great pictures! My favourite is the one with the lighthouse i love the colours of the sky and the darkness in the foreground. It really gives a great feeling to look at it, just feels like you are stading there watching it and enjoy what you see. I gives a little bit a feeling like holiday.

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