Quorum of Three

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Quorum of Three

Quorum of Three, originally uploaded by Bryan Hansel.

At sunset, Lake Superior waves roll over a rock protecting ice-coated boulders. Covill, Minnesota. (110222-60)

Last night’s sunset was breathtaking. Just after I took this picture a giant sun pillar appeared to the right of this photo. I took a few pictures of it and may post one tomorrow. I love this composition and took about 15 or so photos of the same waiting for just the right waves. In my pictures, I can see the water moving up and down. Here it’s low, which leaves the ice out of the water. The higher water just touched the bottom of the ice. I always wondered how these ice caps formed and now I know.

For those wondering about filters, etc… I used a 3-stop Daryl Benson Reverse Neutral Density Graduated Filter.

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