Once a Tree

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burnt tree in the Ham lake forest fire area.

The burnt husk of a tree emerges from the snow. Part of the 2007 75,000-acre Ham Lake forest fire in the Boundary Waters. Gunflint Trail, Minnesota. (110329-17)

Now that the sun isn’t setting over Lake Superior anymore, I’m starting to explore a few other locations. I haven’t shot in the Ham Lake fire area since just after the fire, so I decided to head up the Gunflint Trail for last night’s sunset. Before the sunset, we ate a Trail Center, one of the best restaurants in the county, then went out. I didn’t end up with the shot that I visualized, but I did come away with this one. The burnt tree felt too harsh for me, so I took this dreamy version, too. It works better for me than the harsh version. Despite all the devastation, I kind of like the burnt forest. It’s cool looking, plus in summer the area is full of wild blueberries. We picked several gallons last summer and just recently finished eating them.

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Long exposure with blurred water.