Frozen Surf

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Frozen Surf

Frozen Surf, originally uploaded by Bryan Hansel.

In the depths of winter, waves wash up against ice formations along Lake Superior’s shoreline.


2011 © Bryan Hansel, All Rights Reserved

This is a new location for me. I’ve shot photos about a mile from here and I’ve paddled past this place in the summer, but I’ve never stopped to check it out. I shouted this the other day and found that it’s a part of the Lake Superior Water Trail, a kayak trail running from Duluth to Grand Portage. It’s not marked on the maps of the trail that I have, so it was a surprise. The shore is rocky and interesting, which caused the ice to pile up in fun formations, such as this one. There’s a nice surf break here, but like many surf breaks on the northshore, it ends up against cliffs. There’s enough of a beach here, that I might be tempted to try it when the weather warms.

For this photo my new 3-stop Daryl Benson Reverse Neutral Density Graduated Filter showed its stuff. A regular ND grad would have turned the upper parts of the sky too dark, but the reverse ND grad lightens as it moves away from the split. Worked well for this one.

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  • Steve Weileman

    Beautiful! I’m impressed with your use of the filter….food for thought!

  • Bryan

    Hey, Steve. It’s an awesome filter. I’m using it 95% of the time now instead of my other ND grads.

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