Foggy boreal forest in a late winter drizzle

 In Grand Marais, North Shore, Picture, Winter

I was waiting for a day like today. The weather was a perfect 40 degrees F, and drizzle was falling through a light fog. The perfect conditions for the picture I wanted at George Washington Pines near Grand Marais, MN. Over the last couple of years, the Forest Service has cleared out the underbrush at the pines, which significantly simplified the forest. Instead of a forest with messy underbrush, it’s now just a forest of tree trunks. That provided me with the perfect opportunity to make these dreamy forest images. The fog helps isolate the tree trunks for simple vertical lines.

I shot the forest for several hours and came back with over 100 compositions. These eight are my favorite. I created the dreamy effect in camera. I did white balance, contrast and color corrections in the digital darkroom. There’s lots of snow over the hill, and it’s going to create a massive spring run off!

I have two upcoming workshops: a Spring Waterfall Workshop and a Waterfall and Moving Water Photography Seminar.

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