Star Trails and Canoe

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Star Trails and Canoe

Star Trails and Canoe, originally uploaded by Bryan Hansel.

Star trails and canoe over Knife Lake in the Boundary Water Canoe Area.

Details: I used a full-frame fisheye and shot 98 30-second exposures. During the first two exposures I painted the trees and canoe with light. I wanted to get longer trails, but clouds moved in. I caught two streaks. The long one might be a plane, but I’m not sure because I don’t see any red streaks in it. Could it be the ISS or another bright satellite? My camera shows 9:16 on Aug. 30th, I’m looking NNW and the location is shown. If you have any ideas, please, let me know in the comments. The other looks like a flare of some type. Maybe an iridium flare. I stacked the exposures using Startrails.exe.

Found the the Duluth ISS flyover times for Mon Aug 30/09:13 PM: Duration: 3 minutes, Max Elevation (Deg): 38, Approach: 31 above NW, Departure: 17 above NE

Grand Marais Night Photography Workshop in September 2010.

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