Feather in Ice at Sunset

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Feather in Ice at Sunset

Feather in Ice at Sunset, originally uploaded by Bryan Hansel.

I found a feather from a snack that a fox had on the Lake Superior shoreline near mile marker 121 (Lake Walk of the Superior Hiking Trail). I broke some thin ice to get fresh water out of the lake and used it to attach the feather to a chunk of ice that Superior had pushed up onto the shoreline. Then I propped the ice up with the sun behind it. I had to get down on my belly to shoot the picture to split the background into two. I used slow sync on my camera’s flash system and popped a diffused flash off camera right.

A haiku I composed during the same photo shoot:

under skim ice
the quiet pulse
of Lake Superior

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  • Ilena

    I love all the textures and colors you captured in this photo.

  • Reply

    Your photos are always so inspiring Bryan, you capture such magnificent beauty in the simplest of things. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Greg Fellman


    Great picture! We camped at milepost 121 on Friday night and then took your advice and hiked up the Onion River on Saturday morning before heading off across Sawbill lake for another night of camping out. What a great hike on the Onion, thanks for the tip! Was good to meet you on Friday.

    • Bryan

      It was good to meet you too. I love 121. It’s a great place to hang-out. And I’m glad you got a chance to head up the Onion. It’s such a nice hike. Was the feather in the ice still at 121?

  • Greg Fellman

    Didn’t see the feather, wasn’t any ice left on the lake although there was still some on the shore.

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