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Portrait of Bryan Hansel

A self-portrait taken earlier this month for a magazine that needed a head shot of me. They’re doing an article about expeditions that are going on this summer. My Around the Great Lakes Expedition is being featured as one the the trip going on this year. If you don’t know about my Around the Great Lakes Expedition here’s a quick blurb: This summer, I’m going to attempt to circumnavigate all the Great Lakes in one push by kayak. It’s a five month 3,800 mile trip. This means that I have to paddle on average 25 miles a day. Most kayakers taking a trip paddle about 15 miles a day, so this is going to be a very strenuous trip. It will be very rewarding each day.

To get this self-portrait, I put on my Kokatat short sleeve drytop and lifevest, which were given to the trip by Kokatat as a product sponsorship, set the camera on a tripod and attempted to get a good shot. I used a cross country ski pole to focus on, set the camera on a timer and ran around to the front of the camera, moved the pole and tried to look cool. It took about an hour and 30 shots to get one that I half-way liked. Did I mention that it was 10F out and I was in short sleeves?

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