Lensbaby February Day Eleven: Winter Fog

 In Lake Superior, North Shore, Picture, Winter


We’re on day three of rain. This is northern Minnesota. It’s not suppose to rain in February. It’s just not. I think I’m going to have to move to Yellowknife if this keeps up!

On a snowshoe tour I was guiding today, it started to rain and then the fog rolled in from Lake Superior. And then I took this picture. The snow was pretty soft and with were post holing now, but for most of the hike around Oberg Mountain we had views.

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  • Travis Novitsky

    Beautiful image, Bryan, very beautiful. I remember we had a week in January of last winter where it was just as warm and foggy, too. It was a great week to take pictures in the forest. This one makes me want to get a Lensbaby again!

  • Bryan

    Thanks Travis. The new Lensbaby Composer is really nice. It fixed everything that I didn’t like about the Lensbaby — the controllability and repeatability. I can’t remember if you shoot Nikon or Canon, but if you shoot Nikon, I’ll lend you my Lensbaby 2.0 to play around with.

  • Travis Novitsky

    I’ve seen the ads for the new Composer…. and had the same thoughts about it that you’ve mentioned… namely that it would fix everything that I didn’t like about the original Lensbaby. I’m a Canon shooter so yours wouldn’t work on mine, but I very much appreciate the offer!

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