La Croix Lake Sunset

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050921-14On my Sept. 2005 solo canoe trip along the old Voyager route, I camped for a night on La Croix Lake. The sunset was amazingly beautiful, so I decided to photograph it. When I did, I used my D70 and the Nikkor 10.5DX full framed fisheye. I took a 3 exposure 1 stop separation bracket of the scene and used that bracket and a grad filter in photoshop to blend the exposures.

Here is the same 3 shots using Lightroom Enfuse to blend the exposures. It’s pretty impressive on how the final result turned out. There’s really detail in the trees.

I ran LREnfuse using the standard settings, imported the result into Photoshop, boosted the contrast, ran a little labcolor boost trick, sharpened, and then preped for web. The full sized version is simply amazing, and the web version is pretty good.

Enfuse is turning out to be a very nice exposure blending tool, and it does it without the weirdness of HDR-style blendings.

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  • Ilena

    I really like the way you have captured the colors and the reflection in the water. Some days it really is that clear and glassy and it is nice to see it captured in a photo.

  • Bryan


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