Grand Marais at Night

 In Grand Marais, Lake Superior, Winter


Another outtake from the Lensbaby project. I really love this one, but my significant other vetoed it during the project. I can’t for the life of me think of what I would have liked better than this one.

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  • Joel Truckenbrod

    I really like this one too. The orange and blue (complimentary colors) work great together, and the bokeh effect with the lights is engaging. I’m surprised it didn’t make the “cut”.

  • Belgian Bloke

    I’ve been stopping by most days to check out the Lensbaby series – I especially like this one; as Joel says, the blues and oranges really make you want to gaze at it.
    Superb work.

  • Bryan

    Thanks, Simon and Joel! I was in Dubuque, IA this last weekend and got to tour a Masonic Temple there. All I had on my camera was a Lensbaby and a .42 wide angle adapter, so more Lensbaby stuff to come.

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