Dubuque’s Masonic Temple with a Lensbaby and a 0.42x lens

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I was in Dubuque, IA last week and managed to spend an entire day shooting photos with a Lensbaby Composer and the new 0.42 Lensbaby Wide Angle converter. I went downtown Dubuque to shoot pictures of the outside of the Masonic Temple only to run into Bob Young, a member of the fraternity. As he walked up, I braced myself for the typical “you can’t shoot pictures here” speech, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Bob offered to give my mom, Ilena, and me a tour of the temple.

I only had the Lensbaby with me, so shooting at ISO 800 and using the 0.42x lens, I shot about 100 photos. Some of them, like this one, worked out better than I hoped.

This picture is of the Egyptian Room. We quizzed Bob about everything we could see including a secret shovel, which he wouldn’t let us in on the secret.

What a great day of luck!

BTW, I love the 0.42x Lensbaby converter. It makes shooting with the Lensbaby so much more fun.

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  • Gerald Edgar

    I’m sure you had far better shots of both the Egyptian room, the Men’s Lounge (marble fireplace, moose heads, etc), the magnificent tapestries and handpainted ceiling of the main entrance hall and the ‘pool room’ with its circa-1900 English Men’s club ambience (not too mention the Temple exterior)
    Please share! You might also explain the significance AND uniqueness of the Egyptian room that I’m sure Bob spoke of.

  • Bryan

    Hi Gerald,

    It was a great tour, but I only had a Lensbaby, so most of the shots are typical Lensbaby with one in-focus area and the rest thrown out-of-focus. And there was so much to see. I’d love to spend a couple of days photographing the building using my other lenses and a tripod.

    As far as the significance and uniqueness, I’ll have to leave the explaining to you. The tour we had was over a year ago and with so much to see much of it is a blur in my mind now. And even though my grandfather was a member of this temple, he never let me in on any secrets. Please, share.

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