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MSR Pocket Rocket cooking

MSR Pocket Rocket cooking

This little MSR Pocket Rocket has become my fav. stove. It’s easy to use, efficient, and light.

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  • Joel Truckenbrod

    It’s a sweet little stove, and it’s my choice as well. I would add that the price is a large part of that equation too (vs. a jetboil for example…though I see you’re using jetboil fuel). For 3 season use, it’s awesome though, virtually nothing to go wrong, and it’s up and running almost instantly. Sometimes less is more!

  • Bryan

    Oh, ya, price too! I am using Jetboil fuel, because in town we can buy the Jetboil fuel in the smaller canisters. In town, the MSR only comes in the larger canisters.

    This stove is hard to beat.

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