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Cedar and Canvas Canoe The value of a point and shoot camera is that it’s with you when you see a grab shot. I’d sure like to shoot this with a real camera instead of the G9, but the G9 isn’t bad once you get used to it.

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  • Joel Truckenbrod

    The term “real camera” is quite relative. I oftentimes will jokingly refer to my dSLR as my happy-snap camera (and it basically is compared to my 4×5 view camera), but it functions well when used in a way that takes advantage of its positive attributes. In this case, the G9 simply makes sense. Nice image.

  • Bryan

    I agree. The pictures that come of the G9 are nice, it just doesn’t function like I’d expect a camera to function.

    A classic example with this camera is Aperture Priority. I can set the Aperture, but the camera won’t tell me what the shutter speed is until I depress the shutter release button. I could shooting manual all the time, but switching between ss/f-stop involves a button push.

    Plus, there’s not real optical viewfinder. I’m not a large format shooting, so I’m not used to sticking my head under a black cloth to look at a large screen, so looking at the 3 inch viewfinder is alien.

    But you’re right “real camera” is relative.

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