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Planet Style Pano of the BWCA

Every year at about this time, the ice on Lake Superior moves in, and I start to think, “Wouldn’t it be cool to paddle among the ice.” I load the kayak on the car and go paddling. This year, an exception to that rule, is making me want to go canoe camping. The watery planet of the BWCA seems so far away now. So, here is a 2:1 panoramic picture turned into a polar panoramic projection. The second photo is the original image, a stitch of 8 different images. Have you seen my BWCA VR Tour?


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  • puzz

    Nice panoramic, and very nice planet. Planets are cool, I tried to make my first planet a few days ago ;)

    The panorama on the BWC VR Tour is also beatifull, but I can’t see the hotspots (red circles) on your panorama. BTW, Nice loader image with ptviewer!

  • Bryan

    Thanks! Planets are pretty fun, and they’re easy with photoshop now. Thanks about the BWCA tour. I didn’t include hotspots inside the panos, but only on the client side map at the top. I’ve never been a fan of hotspots; they seem to distract me from just enjoying the image. I’d much rather have a drop menu or a map to make selections from.

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