Negative Seven + Seven Women in Bikinis = Lake Superior in Winter

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Seven women on a beach in snow in swimsuits

Well, they’re in swimsuits and not bikinis, but close enough.

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  • Paulo Jordao

    Hi Bryan.
    That was cool. :-)
    We don’t have snow here in South Florida.
    I jus imagine how cold it was there!!!


  • Bryan

    It was pretty cold out. I kept on reposing them for more pictures. After ten minutes, I believe that quote from them went like this: “It’s not so bad after you get used to it.” I think they were just numb from the cold.

  • dharma bum

    Is that at Lutsen Resort? Looks like it… I was just up there this past weekend and saw my own insanity on that beach Sunday morning: two young ladies paddling out into the frigid surf on an air mattress with a single snow shovel as their paddle. They only made it a half dozen feet off shore and then kind of held themselves there, laughing the whole time. When they tried to return, the waves knocked them off and they got a good soaking. I hope they were headed directly for the hot tub!

  • Bryan

    That’s Lutsen Resort. I missed the air mattress paddling session, but paddling must have been on people’s minds, because I went out kayaking on Sunday. Would have loved to seen the look on their faces when they went into 35F water.

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