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The Naniboujou Lodge and Restaurant is an interesting little/big place to visit along the northshore, and it should be on the list for every photographer. If you can’t find interesting subjects to photograph at the Naniboujou, you just can’t find interesting subjects. Period. Here a bit of history pulled from their website (Opens in a new window):

Naniboujou Lodge was first conceived in the 1920’s as an ultra exclusive private club. Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey and Ring Lardner were among its charter members. A membership of 1000 was originally sought, but when the stock market crashed on “Black Friday” precipitating the 1929 depression, the club began to fail. In the mid 1930’s the club reached a state of financial shambles. The mortgage was foreclosed, and it was sold. Throughout the nani_frontsucceeding years the Lodge has been owned and operated by various corporations or private individuals and families. Today you will find an exciting revitalized Naniboujou. Still reflecting the aura of the 20’s, Naniboujou is now on the National Register of Historic Places. The Lodge boasts Minnesota’s largest native rock fireplace, a 200 ton work of art which stands in the 30 x 80 foot Great Hall (now the dining room)…

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